Day 100: Sometimes Addition Requires Subtraction

‪#‎RUNNINGFORRODNEY‬ ‪#‎3FOR366‬ Day 100 is in the books!!! Today I had a 4 mile run and topped it off with 100 pushups (Which I added to the routine on day 90). Im feeling great and looking good. But in the interest of both feeling Better and looking EVEN greater, I’ve decided to CUT OUT ALCOHOL for the NEXT 100 days.

I thought about it during my run this AM, and then thought… “Well, maybe Ill wait another week.” I mean, Im going to see WEEN this week!! Then an overnight flight to London, then I’ve got a gig next week in London Rich’s Birthday Bash – BLACK HALOS, ROLE MODELS & THE HIP PRIESTS in London, and whenever I hang with Rich Jones well the booze flows freely.

Then I remembered that if it’s easy, then it’s not a challenge, is it? So what better time to try and make a positive change then when that little devil on your left shoulder, also known as resistance, is chirping away and trying to pollute your mind with excuses? That’s EXACTLY the time to double down on your persistence, and show resistance who’s the fucking boss.

Stoked for these next 100 days, and stoked to get shredded like a depraved Iraqi prisoner.
I’m loving the twists and turns that keep revealing new amazing things on this highway of positivity. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


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