EPISODE 12: MY FIRST TRIATHLON: What’s The Worst That Could Happen?!?!

Episode 12 of Running for Rodney brings things to new heights as it follows my (somewhat misguided) quest to complete my first Triathlon. I think most people would know how to swim, or maybe have an actual road bike, before the enter their first Triathlon, but Im not most people. So, with only 4 weeks lead time, I signed up for one and THEN went about learning to swim, and figuring out how to make the best of things on my glorified beach cruiser. Im pretty certain I was the only guy there riding a bike with a bell on it, and a cup holder on the handlebars. I was probably also the only guy who showed up for the race in jeans. But hey – SPOILER ALERT – I made it to the finish line, with a smile on my face no less! #IDidItMyWay


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