Episode 13: The Rodney Speed 54th Birthday Memorial Concert

This week we have a very special episode of Running For Rodney. On June 13th The Rodney Speed Experience gathered at Brooklyn Bowl to play a birthday tribute concert to our fallen leader. It was amazing, it was cathartic, it was energizing, it was sad, it was joyous, but most of all it was ROCKIN! Pretty much everyone who has ever been a part of the band gathered for this gig. Serious GuitArmy! But even with 13 guitarists we still couldn’t recreate the energy that one Rodney Speed brought. But we tried. HARD!

We paid tribute to one of the greatest rock n roll souls of all time. If you know Rodney, then this is sure to cause some commotion in your tear ducts. If you didn’t know him, this will give you a pretty good idea of how and why we all loved him so much.

God bless you my brother. And RodSpeed.

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