Episode 19: Hever Castle Triathlon

So I did a 2nd triathlon. This time twice as far as the first. Didn’t bother to upgrade any of my equipment though. It’s too much fun being the odd man out at these things. I was once again the only guy on a glorified beach cruiser. With a bell and a drink holder, which I put to good use. So rad!

Big ups to my bruv and tri-partner Sean Goulding who makes multiple appearances through the episode. And that crazy war monger Winston Churchill who was kind enough to sit for an interview with THIS dummy. And thanks to Ginger Wildheart for the love, the inspiration, and for calling his old reclusive pal Howling Willie and twisting his arm until he gave me permission to use the song Country Boy for this episode. Running For Rodney #Rodspeed I miss you buddy.

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